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Diamonds in the rough

This post is an outgrowth of my (ongoing) attempt to understand Peter Scholze’s remarkable course at Berkeley.  The first couple of paragraphs below are a rather comically compressed summary of some portions of Jared Weinstein’s excellent notes (though of course all mistakes are my … Continue reading

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Fun with crystalline periods

The earliest results in what we now call p-adic Hodge theory are due to Tate and Sen, but nevertheless it seems reasonable to largely credit Fontaine for giving shape and direction to this subject and establishing it as a vital, … Continue reading

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A simple construction of Sen’s functor

Let be a prime, and let . A –semilinear representation of  is a finite-dimensional -vector space with a continuous action of such that for all , and . One of the early successes of p-adic Hodge theory was Sen’s classification of … Continue reading

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