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Some miscellaneous remarks on eigenvarieties

As the title says. I’ll freely use the notation of my paper, although unfortunately I can’t figure out how to implement “mathscr” fonts on this blog, so objects denoted in mathscr fonts in the paper are denoted in mathcal fonts below – … Continue reading

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Explicit Eichler-Shimura for GL2 over imaginary quadratic fields

Let denote the Hamilton quaternions. Set Let be the point with , . There is a transitive action of given by with multiplication taking place in . This extends uniquely to an action of by requiring that the center act … Continue reading

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de Rham structures and modular forms

In this post I want to use Scholzian techniques to look at the relationship between modular forms and the etale cohomology of modular curves. Since everyone cares about modular forms, this exercise might be a good way of getting exposure … Continue reading

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