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Stacks in one sentence

A stack is just some rule which specifies a category of “wumbles over ” for every object in some given site, with the property that both morphisms of wumbles and wumbles themselves can be specified locally on coverings in the site. Bonus: Drop … Continue reading

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Rumor of the day

Mochizuki’s papers on inter-universal Teichmuller theory have been accepted by a journal. I heard this from a typically trustworthy full professor here at Columbia, whose name unfortunately won’t fit in this margin. Of course, even if this is true, it … Continue reading

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AJdJ (rhetorically): What is the stacks project? Me: A series of tubes?

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Jacques Menard, author of Nicholas Bourbaki

The “anonymously” written exercise linked over on E. Kowalski’s blog must easily be the funniest mathematico-literary joke of all time.  A short excerpt: “Menard (perhaps without wanting to) has enriched, by means of a new technique, the halting and rudimentary art of … Continue reading

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E. E. Cummings on mathematics

into a truly curving form enters my soul feels all small facts dissolved by the lewd guess of fabulous immensity…

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Deep thoughts

“Brian Conrad” is an anagram for “Brain Candor”.  Which of these other number theorists can you identify? Farina Grackle Ware Swindle Nebular Regret Aching Chili Fungal Treasure Echo Pretzels Beet Rink Strangled Fig

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