Jacques Menard, author of Nicholas Bourbaki

The “anonymously” written exercise linked over on E. Kowalski’s blog must easily be the funniest mathematico-literary joke of all time.  A short excerpt:

“Menard (perhaps without wanting to) has enriched, by means of a new technique, the halting and rudimentary art of mathematical writing: this new technique is that of the deliberate anachronism and the erroneous attribution. This technique, whose applications are infinite, prompts us to read “The Theory of Functions” by Titchmarsh as if it were posterior to Donaldson’s “Riemann Surfaces” and the book “Locales” of Prof. V.I. Siletzsky as if it were by Prof. V.I. Siletzsky. This technique fills the most placid works with adventure…”

Go read it right now!

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