Deep thoughts

“Brian Conrad” is an anagram for “Brain Candor”.  Which of these other number theorists can you identify?

  • Farina Grackle
  • Ware Swindle
  • Nebular Regret
  • Aching Chili
  • Fungal Treasure
  • Echo Pretzels
  • Beet Rink
  • Strangled Fig
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2 Responses to Deep thoughts

  1. anonymous says:

    Farina Grackle -> Frank Calegari
    Ware Swindle -> Andrew Wiles
    Nebular Regret -> Laurent Berger
    Echo Pretzels -> Peter Scholze
    Beet Rink -> Ken Ribet
    Strangled Fig -> Gerd Faltings

    I still don’t know that Aching Chili
    or Fungal Treasure is…

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